Legislative Platform 

I support and respect the preservation of local authority, maintenance of local control of local revenue and spending and am opposed to the devolution of State duties to local units of government without planning, time, and resources.  This platform was written and voted upon by the PV City Council, 2017. 
As your City Council representative I support:
1)  Repeal of the property tax lid
2)  State funding of public education
3)  Non-partisan elections
4)  Maintain local control of revenue and spending
5)  Limits on appraised valuation growth
6)  Tax policy
7)  Sales tax exemption
8)  Oppose unfunded mandates
9)  Comprehensive transportation plan
10)  Statutory Pass-Through Funding
11)  KPERS Funding
12)  Kansas open records and open meetings act
13)  Legislative participation
14)  Local control of right of way