My Commitment to You

*Proponent for financial accountability and transparency of our City government

I voted in support of live-streaming of our Council meetings and am mindful of your tax dollars

*Support Public Works and our infrastructure

I will continue to be a proponent to maintain our streets, lights, storm water management, and parks

*Support our Police Department and Public Safety

I will continue to actively support the Prairie Village Police Department and the safety of our residents 

*Promote responsible residential and commercial growth

 I will continue to support the current discussions for Phase 2 for the building guidelines

*Work together to maintain our high quality of life

I will continue to support and improve our park system and forthcoming bike and pedestrian plan

*Respect and uphold our City Master Plan, Village Vision, and Comprehensive Plan Amendment

I will work with closely with residents to help plan for our future park at 67th and Roe

*I support the repeal of Breed Specific Legislation.  

I will continue to support breed neutral ordinances that address dangerousness of animals by their behavior and not by their appearance.  I will continue to represent the residents in our community, as well as evidenced- based research and recommendations by professional oganizations dealing with animal behavior and public safety. 

*I promise that I will continue to be your voice at City Hall 

I'm asking for your support and your vote on Tuesday, November 7th